Thursday, July 28, 2016

No Pictures, Just Some Cooking

Getting back into non vacation mode, though I have a month before works starts back up. When we returned from our vacation I brought back the food we did not use.  Then I created a freezer inventory, so I could try to use things well.  I like having the inventory on the side of the fridge, so as we use stuff I cross it off.  My freezer is pretty well stuffed right now, and I am getting more meat soon so I need to make room.

I took no pictures, but here a few things I made this week. On Sunday I made steak fajitas. This included marinading the steak in a soy sauce, red wine and garlic combination. I grilled it with some vegetables and served it with toppings. Quick, easy and well received enough. The kids don't love steak, but they love tortillas and toppings so it works.  I would like to try making homemade tortillas sometime, but I have yet to attempt them.

Tuesday I made sausage macaroni and cheese. I use an adapted version of a recipe in a cookbook I love.  My version usually includes cut up chicken sausage. Everyone loves it, and we had left overs (some of us did) on Tuesday. Last night I was going to make a stir fry (with the veggies and meat separate, but when we got home from the pool I really wanted grilled pizza. I defrosted my homemade dough and grilled pizza we had. I meant to take a picture of it, however, it never happened.

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