Sunday, July 10, 2016

Vacation Cooking Prep

I have googled and searched tons of sites for the best way to deal with dinner when we take our vacation. I have created a menu plan and think I have it all set.  I have planned for two nights out and one breakfast out. Some great ideas I found included making pancakes ahead of time and bringing them with us.  I do love to cook, but it is my vacation too. Reading novels is important, so I can't take too much time cooking.

Currently I am getting my meat through Walden Meat. It is local and comes frozen, so there is no freezing it with marinade. I do plan to bring some of this meat with us and marinate it when we are on vacation.

Breakfast includes cereal, pancakes (made in advance), muffins made in advance and maybe some eggs.

Lunch will include cold cuts, left overs and peanut butter and jelly.

Dinner will include buffalo chicken pasta salad  on the first night. This will be made at home and allow us to unpack, unwind and eat a delicious dinner. The rest of the week will include a burger and hot dog night, a steak and chicken night, a fajita night with the left overs from steak and chicken and a grilled pizza night. Any other dinner will a repeat of burgers or dinner out.

It feels good to have dinner all planned so we can have fun in the sun.

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